First Destination Elevation Party!

The first of many Destination Elevation parties is happening June 16th, 2013 @ East End, Portland, OR.with Xander Harris, Strategy, and the Elevated DJ Crew (Break Mode, Morgan H, and Kitchen). Music starts at 9. $3 before 10pm and $5 after.
Facebook event page HERE

New IBQT video plus an interview!

An interview with IBQT hosted by Nilina Mason-Campbell for Pleased To Meet You an interview series for the Portland Mercury. Check out more from the series HERE.

IBQT - Never Gonna Let U Go live shot by dear friends Brian Echon and Nate Midgley, edited by Brian Echon VideWhoa Video.

IBQT is playing this Wednesday (5/29/13) at Mississippi Studios w/ SistaFist and Minden.
Facebook event page HERE

Break Mode remixes!

A remix I did for Acid Farm that is included on their release "These Are Acid Times"

A remix of Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh's track "Cloudshine"

Dropping Gems's Podcast Twenty-Three - Break Mode/Miracles Club

This mix is available via Dropping Gems HERE or as a direct download HERE (right click, save as)

Miracles Club tracklist:
1. That Magik (Bobby Browser Remix) – C.L.A.W.S.
2. Transmit – Jason Kendig
3. Chango (Leech Club Mix) – The Miracles Club
4. Nite Birds – Poisonous Relationship
5. Lonely Sea (Emotion II Emotion Remix) – Alexis Blair Penney
6. Ex Sited (Vakula Remix) – Garben Eden
7. VI – Temples
8. Believe (C.L.A.W.S. Night Mix) – Finesse

Break Mode tracklist:
1. Silver – Break Mode
2. We Go Straight Ahead – LeSale
3. Buoyant Voyage (Break Mode Dreamix) – Acid Farm
4. Take Your Time (Break Mode Doin’ It Right Re-work) – SOS Band
5. Morning Edit – Break Mode
6. Roland Times – Etbonz

Remastered IBQT trax available for free download!

Remastered IBQT trax available for free download via our soundcloud!

IBQT "Spliffs"

We released this on 420 of 2013.


I'm announcing my new side project with Cole Baby... IBQT
Check out our first jam "Make-Up Sex"
Make-up Sex (Demo) by ibqt
Zoner Convention 2012 in Olympia, WA will include Gumar, others from the Dropping Gems crew and others from outer realms.

Check out these homies...

Biz Mayne
Genie Factory

Fluorescent Radio DeeJays

Gumar and Weewl dj as the Fluorescent Radio DeeJays a couple nights ago at a Portland house party.

Saltfeend plays Gumar's "Shift" in recent NW mix

SALTFEEND puts Gumar's track "Shift" in his mix NW Beatmakers (SEA/PDX producers mix)

This mix is great and has Dropping Gems' artists as well as others so...

Daedelus plays Gumar's "Shift" in recent Fact mix

Gumar's track "Shift" was featured in Daedelus' mix for Fact Magazine.  To listen to Daedelus' mix and read more about the mix click HERE.

Gumar - Shift (featured on Gem Drops One)